Men's Health and Performance Coach, Consultant & Guide


I'm not some guru on the mountain!

I grew up in the 80’s when young men were taught to be tough,

not to cry and keep pushing through the suffering. 

This led me down the road to a mental health crisis, a broken and strained body,

unable to feel anything except anger, shame and a deep sadness.

Discouraged, but not broken completely, I listened to the loud voice in my head,


So I did.

I packed my bags and I hit the road, to travel the world in search of a better way.

Thus began the journey for this small town boy from the East Coast of Canada

to the Far East in search of health and healing.

That transformative experience was the catalyst

for the powerful man in front of you today.

My 20+ year personal and professional journey

has allowed me to reconnect with my body in new ways.

To promote self regulation and restoration of my nervous system.

My clinical and self-care practice ignited in me the drive to inform, inspire,

and empower other men to do the same.


is to INFORM you on what's possible, provide direction, accountability and support.

"It's who you're Being, while you're doing the things that you're doing, that matters most!"

I inspire and guide men to see life in ways they are unable to see for themselves,

releasing them from conventional boundaries that they have considered impossible to overcome.

I'm able to clarify many concerns for men,

particularly involving how to LISTEN, LOVE and HEALTHYSELF.

These are the keys to Transforming Your Health, Performance and Realizing Your True Potential.

If my gifts are something you seek,

please reach out and let's start a conversation.

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