Innovative Men's Self-Care Coach


In my experience,

Feeling is Healing.

I am here to help men get in tune with their body, release built-up emotions,

and manage mental health through somatic self-care.

I’m here to serve as an example for other men of what is possible

when you take personal responsibility.

My guarantee to you is that...

When you take back your ability to respond, your perspective on life changes. 

You become less reactive, judgemental and more resilient.

This shift will ripple through your whole world.

Does that mean that Phil is perfect?

Certainly not, but I am taking full ownership of my experience of life.

Life is seemingly not fair, but I choose to challenge my own

limiting beliefs and emotions with curiosity.

Learning to become gentle and patient with myself has turned into my superpower.

This skill has allowed me to lighten up and maintain my center

as the “shit storms” of life come and go.


  • Provides immediate rewards.

  • Manage stress/anxiety/depression.

  • Relieve tension in the body.

  • Address emotional challenges/ Improve emotional intelligence.

  • Overcome obstacles by shifting perspective.

  • Deepen your connection to your bodies intelligence.

  • Trust your inner compass and intuition.

  • Foster self-awareness.

  • Improve posture and non-verbal communication.

  • Strengthen relationships with new found presence and active listening.

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