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Welcome Home!

Do you have a Deep Desire to Be MORE and Contribute

MORE in this One Beautiful Life?

You understand that...

Your Health and Wellness is the Foundation that your life sits on.


Being a dedicated partner, father and business leader can bring unique challenges and responsibilities, often leaving little time for personal development and self-care.

This can leave you feeling overwhelmed, mentally exhausted and impatient with those you care about most.

How do you want to show up in the world?

Imagine... how different your life could be when you realize that being a well balanced man is always an option you have in every situation. Think of the effectiveness of decision-making, creative flow and influence that can result from operating more from a balanced state.

How do we be-come balanced?

Instead of it being a magical and elusive state that is hard to recreate, what if balance was a skill that you developed and practiced?

What if knowing how to balance and center yourself was accessible information that you could draw upon in times of hard choice, conflict, emergencies, and in opportunities that demand peak performance?


With the Right Direction, Accountability & Support

Phil has a diverse professional background that considers

the 5 Pillars of Wellness.

He knows what it takes to Thrive in the Modern World.

His training in Behavioral Psychology, Massage Therapy

(Retired after 23 years in good standing),

Cranial Sacral Therapy, Posture, Ergonomics and Wellness Coaching

allows him to optimize Men's Health and Performance.

His 2 decades involved in Men's Health, Leadership, and Circle Work

make him a powerful guide to clarify concerns for modern men.



"Phil, words can not explain how much you have impacted my life. You heard me through my pain and then proceeded to lead me by baby steps to where I stand today. The tools you have given me are invaluable and I use them everyday. Thank you for all your caring and support." - LC

“Phil has an incredibly positive energy and you can sense that he is invested in your complete health.” - SR

"Phil's dedication and skill in helping students build their health from the ground up, consistently gets positive and transformational results. His experience in the natural world and attunement to the forces which guide health can be felt the moment of your first appointment. Healing is a journey which requires a mentor or guide. You can trust that you are in the best of hands, as you walk that path with Phil Gorman at Skills Wellness Coaching.” - NM

“Phil is a passionate teacher and healer. I can tell you he has helped me immensely, both by healing my physical body and enriching my life journey. Even after a session I've always walked away with information to think about and follow up goals.” - MR

“Phil has and continues to be a great mirror for me. He creates and holds a grounded, expansive and non-judgmental space for healing and growth.”

- BW

Video Testimonial

Andrew Tanenbaum is currently the Director of Pardons Canada, a national non-profit organization helping thousands of Canadians each year to get a second chance in life. Andrew is responsible for over 25 employees based in Toronto at Pardons Canada headquarters.

When he's not working, Andrew is an avid traveller having visited over 45 countries in the past three decades. His love of family which includes his wife Jodi and three sons now in their twenties supersedes his other favorite pursuits including golf, yoga, hiking and snow skiing.

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